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I am adding this new page to my site. I am really new to blogging, so please bear with me as I figure this out.

The Quest Continues

April 10, 2017

To date, I have had two agent/publishers contact me.

Though Covenant Publishing looks real good, Lighthouse Christian Publishing also looks great.  They both have their benefits but by using Lighthouse, it appears that the movie making project will move along quite a bit faster and possibly smoother.

BUT, and that is a big but, because The Legacy of One has already been published it will require a $400 investment on my part to do all of the legal work to change/re-label the ISBN and other stuff I am not familiar with.

My largest hurdle has been the finances. With living on a fixed (small) income, it is really hard to achieve the necessary funding to continue.

With that said, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Working with Rich Christiano of the Christiano Film Group out of Hollywood has been a real experience and has offered some financial benefits as I promote his films and secure theater locations to show them.  My next project is to get one of his movies showing in Goodland, Kansas at the Sherman Theater. I am now looking for a sponsor church for the movie.

If you live in the Goodland area or are interested in sponsoring this movie, please contact me by clicking here: 


The New Blog Spot

To start with, I will be keeping you updated on all that I have going on in the publishing world.

First out of the chute is my first publisher, Tate Publishing, has gone out of business. With that said, I need to find a new publisher. I am going about this in a new way. I am now searching for an agent to represent me. Self-publishing has been an incredible eye-opener as to how the publishing industry goes.

As an author, I count this as an incredible learning experience. It has pushed me way beyond my comfort zone and into a realm that I was completely oblivious to. I was completely unaware of how difficult it was to promote your book/books. It took a lot of money in travel expenses to secure book signing venues. It took a lot of money to purchase books for book signings. It took a lot of time to contact radio stations to acquire interviews to promote my book. I had to give away many copies of the book, that I worked so hard to purchase.

At first, I thought that the publisher was going to send me to the New York Times Best Seller list. Truth be known, I didn't even make the smallest blip on their screen. I found out later, that you have to pay big money to even get the NYT to even consider looking at your book, let alone to read it.

With a modest living income... well... let me get real with you. I live on an income that makes one living in poverty look like a millionaire. It was more than a struggle to just get published, let alone pay for additional services, such as having them publicize the book and make contacts for book signings. Though it is self-gratifying to see and hold a book that you wrote and got published, in the end, you are far poorer than when you started.

I don't want to make this sound like I am complaining. I am not complaining at all. You cannot get this kind of education in the very best universities in the world. The School of Hard Knocks teaches you lessons that can be obtained nowhere else.

When you do not exist on anybody's list of credible authors, you could have written the next Gone With the Wind or To Kill a Mockingbird and go to your grave an unknown author of a published book that nobody has ever heard of.

The first thing you need to do is sell yourself on yourself. I am not talking about arrogant pride. I am talking about being able to approach anybody and convince them that your story is worth reading because you are a person of interest. That is a very hard task. If you are like me, you are very modest and would rather boast of the good weather than yourself. Friends, that dog won't hunt. You must first believe in yourself before you can make them believe in your writing or any other project you might be doing.

I am now expanding my writing abilities and writing letters to agents to attempt to get them to accept me as an author that they would represent. THAT'S TOUGH! Like I said, I had to change my writing habits a lot. I had to sell myself as an author BEFORE I could sell them on my book proposal. If you haven't written a well-constructed proposal, they just delete your email along with hundreds of others. You have become nothing more than spam, as far as they are concerned.

As I learn more about this, I will keep adding to this blog. I will also be adding short stories/flash fiction and even notes from the sermons that I preach.

I would like to thank you for your support, your prayers, and your interest. God Bless!

The Agent Search Continues

April 22, 2017

The search for an agent has been trying, to say the least. But what I have found out very plainly is that the absolute best way to establish an agent to represent you and your writing is to attend writers conferences and have a face-to-face meeting with the agents that are present.

Now, comes the tougher part of this.  There are writers conferences in several places around the country.  From coast to coast and border to border, there are conferences for nearly all genres.

Christian conferences seem to be fewer and quite expensive to attend.  Though they are well attended with many great agents and publishers, it takes a large sum of money to register, attend, eat, and lodge at the resorts that they use.

Therein lies a problem.  I understand why they utilize these resorts.  It draws out a higher class of quality publishers and it creates an ambiance that is favorable to elicit quality prose writers.

The average writer's conference costs approximately $1200 plus traveling expenses.  For the average writer, that is far too expensive, however, the rewards could far offset the costs is a relatively short time.

With the Legacy Of One project, to get it republished by a reputable conventional publisher, through an agent, is first on my list of things to accomplish.  From there, it is to the big screen with The Legacy of One.

But first things first. Get The Legacy of One back in publication with an agent representing me.

The Quest Begins

March 27, 2017

I will call this day one in my quest for a new publisher via an agent. I have written two letters to two agents and now I wait to see if they respond.

I have also contacted Covenant Publishing, to address the possibility of getting one or more of my books published through them as a traditional publisher. According to their website, they are very reputable and after looking them up at the BBB, they have no negative marks there. Good sign.

As soon as I can get more information, I will be back to fill you all in on my progress and hopefully a how-to guide.