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Gail's Testimony

(I haven't always been a preacher)

Christian Author

          I was a model student in High School and was chosen the most likely to succeed......... That's not quite true, in fact, it is horribly untrue!  I was a rather rambunctious teenager... Naw, let's  get real, I was an absolute terror as a teenager.  I got into fights regularly and wasn't very well liked in school.  Teachers didn't like me much, School Administration liked me even less and I didn't like myself most of all.

    When I proposed to my girlfriend (now wife of 43 years), teachers tried to persuade her not to do so.  Principals attempted to discourage her from making such a terrible mistake.  She had friends and family try to change her mind and dump me.

        One day out of the blue, I was invited to a Bible Study in  a very small community called Beecher Island.  This Bible Study was the product of a small congregation that met in a small white frame church in Beecher Island.  I really do not know why they chose me.  Maybe a posed a great challenge for them, I don't know.  The students of this Bible Study went to the Idalia School about 28 miles from where I lived and I didn't know one of these kids, but what I did know, was that they were good looking girls that invited me.  Being a red-blooded American teenage boy, the choice was obvious.  I WAS GOING TO THAT BIBLE STUDY!

        The very first night of that Bible Study I learned three things.  1.  They had good food at these Bible Studies  2.  They had some really good fun at these Bible Studies and 3.  They had really good looking girls at these Bible Studies.  (Not necessarily in that order.)  That was all I needed to keep me going back.  My intentions were less than honorable but with the terrific three counts of approval, I kept going.

        After about 4 months, I found out that these girls didn't like me.  I came to realize that they loved me.  That was a foreign concept for me.  Nobody loved me, especially me.  One night, the sponsor gave his devotion and I realized at that time sitting at the Mary Ann's dining table, one of the girl's home, that Jesus loved me and died on the cross for me.  He rose from the dead to deliver me from the grips of death and Hell.  I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior one wintry evening and have enjoyed my life immensely walking in His grace, love, and salvation.

        I made a detour when I moved to Goodland, Kansas to attend the Vo-Tech School there.  I looked for some outgoing Christians there but could not find them.  It didn't take me long to find my old friends.  They were everywhere in almost every bar.  I started drinking and went to work for a man that drank a lot.  Soon I was drinking a lot and smoking a lot.  I changed jobs to go to work in a feedlot, where I was injured in an accident and a corn grinder removed three fingers, part of my index finger and most of the palm of my hand.

        A former drinking buddy and schoolmate and his wife came by and invited us to go to church with them.  We went to a church where the pastor romped and stomped, pounded the pulpit and romped and stomped some more.  It was entertaining but it did little to encourage me or draw me back to Jesus as Lord and Savior.

        Lying in St. Joseph's hospital in Denver, Colorado, after a farm accident where I lost most of my right hand, a pastor from a small church 30 miles away, Brother Dale Wheeler, made three special trips to Denver just to see me, while the pastor of the church that I was attending never darkened my door once and he was in Denver three times.  Brother Wheeler, the pastor of the small church 30 miles away showed me the same love that the Bible Study girls showed me.

         I came back to Goodland, Kansas from the hospital and began to look for a church that actually taught the Truth and lived in the love of God that I saw in those good looking girls and Pastor Wheeler.  

          I moved from Goodland, Kansas to Saint Francis Kansas to serve on the police department.  In St. Francis,  I re-dedicated my life back to Christ in Brother Wheler's church.  After a couple of years there, I moved back to Goodland, Kansas and started to attend Calavary Full Gospel Church.  It was there that I really began to grow and flourish as a Christian.  It was after I I moved back to Goodland, Kansas that I started  preaching God's Holy Word.

        I have worked as a Chaplain and became President and Chaplain of a Trucking Ministry as I drove a semi-truck all over the United States.  I have served as youth pastor, associate pastor and senior pastor of churches and for several years served God as an evangelist.

        Now, living in Colorado, I fill in for pastors, preach when invited, preach revivals, speak at special meetings and write.  Service to my Lord, King and Savior is the greatest way of life that I can possibly imagine.  As you have read in my testimony, I haven't been a preacher all of my life but I wouldn't change where I am right now in the Lord for anything.