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If it weren’t for the absolute depression that engulfed the air, it might have been a breathtaking sunset on this particular summer evening.  Though the sun shone brightly as it sat on the horizon, a dark cloud of demonic hordes hovered, overshadowing the entire community of Lake Hills.  A hideous stench of sulfurous smoke rose to the skies, creating madne​ss in the swirling, circling gargoyle looking horde in the sky above.  What was brewing on the ground beneath in the depths of the city hall was a scheming of the demonic Commanders of Darkness. “We are nearly ready,” boasted Commander Third Class Hodgemoss as he pointed his grotesque finger to the sky.  “I just have one company to come before my whole army is gathered.”
“I, too, am almost ready,” General Druid gloated.  “I have positioned my troops under Flag Lake to hide them from Holy Host.  They are ready for battle at your command, Supreme Commander Goth.”
The entire gathering in the sublevel of the Lake Hills City Hall shouted their approval with many of the Commanders shouting of their readiness also.
“I am not convinced that we are ready,” Supreme Commander Goth bellowed, bringing the din of applause and premature victory chanting to an abrupt halt.  “We have gathered a large number of troops and have them quietly sitting idly by in a town that we already possess.  We have very effectively driven out all of the preachers that boldly declared the Word of the God of Heaven and have effectively gotten the rest of them to adopt nearly all of our doctrines and the doctrines of Lord Satan.  But this is only one community and a small one at that.
We are going to widen our grasp to the surrounding areas here in the United States but to do this, we need to do this quickly and with a power that will drive the Holy Host whimpering back to their hiding places or to their graves.”
“But we have overrun so many of the university and college campuses throughout the entire United States and nearly all schools from pre-school to twelfth grade.  They unanimously teach the doctrines of Lord Satan and the teachers are completely under our direction,” boasted Captain Rathmoth.  “They are under my scrutiny and my direction.  My company is in charge of that and we have done very well, if I must say so myself.”
“Silence,” Supreme Commander Goth raged!  “We are not here to boast of your meager accomplishments, we are here to plan and coordinate a great, victorious move against the Holy Host and defeat them within the confines of the entire United States.
Dictating the teaching within the schools will not do that.  Not even controlling the President and the Congress will do that.  We already have most of the politicians, Democrats and Republicans, safely in our control but there is a rising segment that is growing stronger and we do not have them constrained in any fashion.  The public schools still battle with the Saints, the home schools are growing and we are not able to stop the growth of the Saints or their influences.
We need to get control of the home schools and the Churches that the Holy Host has fortified with warriors.  We need to bring doubt into the hearts of the Saints and stop their prayers because we have learned to our dismay and defeat, I might add, that the prayers of the saints are making our enemy stronger than ever.”
“What are our orders,” General Druid asked after raising his blackened sword into the air?
The rest of the Commanders remained silent, knowing that in a fit of rage, Supreme Commander Goth could and would slice off the head of any that appeared to question or mock him.  They had seen this in the past and none desired to be the next.
“First, get your troops positioned at their regular duty stations and out of sight from Lake Hills.  I only want my protective contingent to be visible.  Whenever we plan something, you bring your entire army with you as if you were something important making it plain to the Holy Host that we are going to make a move.  When we get ready to move, they are ready for us because they have already seen that we are planning a strike.
Why do you feel that you can remove your troops from their regular duties to come and party in the skies over here?  Who is guarding your advanced positions when they are gone?  Who is stopping the Holy Host from taking back the territories that we have fought so hard to win?”  Supreme Commander Goth reprimanded.  “I want Commander Third Class Hodgemoss, Commander Second Class Nobat, Commander First Class Zuuf and General Druid to remain here, all of the rest of you to get your slimy carcasses back to your duty stations and stay there.  I want it to look like business as usual to the Holy Host.
Do not encourage any confrontations if you can help it.  I want as many able bodied warriors of darkness as possible when we get our strategizing completed.  Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes Sir,” they all shouted and waited for the next order, afraid of making a move without it.
“Get out of here,” Supreme Commander Goth roared, driving everybody in the room backwards to the floor.
With roaring and screeching of the demonic leaders, they battled each other with their swords and daggers, armor clanging with blows, in attempt to get out of the door first.
The skies were inundated with profane orders as the skies over Lake Hills cleared of the dark armies, each of the lower officers scrambling to get their troops back to their posts.
“What do you think that they are planning?” Captain Hoshia of the Holy Host asked, hiding behind a deserted old frame church that once housed a magnificent praying congregation, the cross on the steeple casting a proud shadow upon the wooded hillside.
“It doesn’t look good,” General Moshe whispered.  “This is not like other gatherings.  It was too small and not organized like Goth likes.”
“Should we get Sergeant Col to position his spies in Lake Hills to see what is going on?”
“No, Goth will be too strong for them.  We do not have enough prayers of the Saints to strengthen us here.  We need to get word out to all of the Holy Host to get the prayer warriors to praying.  I would like to know what his target is but we are not ready to make any aggressive move.”
“Yes sir,” Captain Hoshia agreed.  “I will get word out to the Saints to pray against this attack of darkness.”  Quieter than a church mouse, Captain Hoshia crept through the depths of the woods to a safe place where he could launch into the sky in a burst of speed, out of the sight of Goth’s guards.
General Moshe remained behind with his small band of Royal Guards, waiting to see who was in attendance of this impromptu meeting.  Knowing that it would be a while before anybody would surface from the Lake Hills City Hall, General Moshe entered the empty church that was once so powerful, to see if there was any strength left in hat overrun community.  Just one lonely Saint praying would show if there was any hope for the community.  To General Moshe’s dismay, there was not a soul.  The altar was empty and the pulpit that had once served as a sacred desk had been attacked, overturned and broken by vandals.  The pews were also scattered around the sanctuary like matchsticks dumped from the box.
Initials had been carved in all of the woodwork that once shown with the glory of God and the carpets were dirty and covered in the dung of stray animals that had gotten in through the broken windows.
“What a shame,” General Moshe whispered to his Corporal of the Guard.  “What a shame.”
“It seems like just last week, this house of glory was full of music and praise.  People were on their knees before God, praying for this community.  They were fighting a battle and winning,” Corporal Joabi reminisced.
“Yes, they were winning but they just didn’t realize it.  The battle was fierce and the enemy had brought in Doubt and Apathy, two of their strongest warriors to infiltrate here.  It wasn’t long before the pastor was silenced because Doubt had begun to make headway within some of the congregation. When they were not seeing great strides forward, they began to doubt whether the work was worth continuing.  The people quit praying and decided that they were not qualified to tell others about our Lord Jesus.  They left all witnessing to the pastor and things went south from there.
Some of the other congregations decided that if they made programs for everything that all would be fine. They started a Monday night dinner program, a youth group that was very liberal in their teaching, Bible Studies that manifested itself as a social event more than a time to study the Word of God.  They were more impressed with the social and financial status of the church than they were the basic foundations of salvation.  Numbers on the membership roll were more important than the number of people delivered from their sin. And profitability of the members was more vital than the righteousness and holiness of the Saints.  It wasn’t long before the Christians that were there began to involve sin into their business practices because it was very lucrative and as long as it was financially enhancing, it was no longer sin.
Apathy had effectively made his move in the community.  Boredom and indifference began to sweep through the churches and town like a wildfire, despite the pastor’s attempts to keep the Church alive with God’s Holy Spirit.  The community as a whole had embraced Doubt and Apathy as trusted leaders within the other churches and the rest is history.  Now we have an empty church as a painful monument of defeat.”
Captain Hoshia as fast as he could go, stopped every few hundred miles to pass the word to other Captains to promote the Saints to pray.  “We do not know what is being planned but something is in the planning stages.  Do not let your guard down and do not start any fights that are not absolutely necessary,” Captain Hoshia ordered.  “Protect your charges and do not surrender any ground to the enemy but do not let on that we know that an attack is being orchestrated.  The leaders of darkness need to feel that they have not lost ground.  General Moshe wants them to feel overconfident in their abilities.  That is when they fail the easiest.”  With orders relayed, he sped to the next outpost to repeat the orders.
Coming closer to Washington D.C., Captain Hoshia noticed a growing number of demons gathering on the south side of the city.  Hundreds of reprehensible fallen angels were circling and darting down and out of sight.  He dropped close to the ground and moved in carefully around the warehouses, not attracting any attention.  Seeing this happen here was not all that uncommon but there were too many to ignore.  The only time this many were present was when a Captain or higher in rank was present and that there were orders to make a shift in operations or an attack was being executed.  Considering that it was Washington D.C., it most likely was not an attack because the hordes of darkness already had most of the politicians in their camp.
What made this different was that they were attempting to be discreet and hide their presence more than usual.  With the control they already had in the capital city, discreet was not normal for them.  They, more often than not, flaunted their presence in the eyes of the Holy Host.
Slowly and methodically, Captain Hoshia checked out every building as he came to it, checking for the assembly of demonic guards.  He saw small insignificant groupings just standing around and talking but not a strong presence, yet.  As he moved around to that south side of one particular warehouse, there stood an impressive number of guards, doing their best to blend in and stay out of sight.
“This is it,” Captain Hoshia said to himself.  “Now who is here and what is going on in there?”  Slowly, he moved to the wall and peered in.  Captain Slozz was standing in the rafters with several hundred demons, hissing and smiling as they pointed towards an enclosed office.
Hoshia went further around the building and slipped into the cleaning closet in the occupied office space, out of sight from any of the commanders of darkness or their stinking minions.  Not expecting him was working to his advantage because they were not looking for any Holy Warriors to so boldly enter in.
Gentlemen and ladies,” Senator J.C. Jones greeted.  “We are getting ready to announce our candidate for the Presidential Race.  With the Republican Party losing more and more of its members to the Tea Party, it is going to be an easy election.  As much as we disdain the Tea Party, they are a real help to us in this election because they are splitting the vote of the Republicans by dividing them and taking away the decisive power that they used to have over us.”
“But why are we meeting here so secretly?” Senator Cathy Graham asked rather disgustedly because of the dirty surroundings.
“Because the press hasn’t been able to find us here.  We meet in the office buildings across the street and use the underground passages to get us here.  With each of us using different entries, they do not know that we are having these meetings and cannot know who attends these meetings.  If they do not know this, there are no speculations as to what is being said or done.  Should they put this all together, any simpleton could guess our business.”
“Our candidate has never been a secret,” Senator Ted Higginbotham protested.  “So the point remains, why for all of the secrecy and just what is our business?” “The secrecy is because we need to find a blemish in the Conservative Christian Party’s candidate’s armor and expose it whether it is real or not.  And we have to do so quickly or the best candidate that we could muster would never get elected.  We can’t afford to get a man in the office that we cannot control,” Senator Jones explained. “Correct me if I’m wrong,” Senator Ada Southards spoke up, “but what you are suggesting is that we manufacture a lie to tell to the public in order to smear Tom Pearson.  That ploy has always backfired on us and with his spotless history, it can’t possibly work on him.”
“If it were to be a lie that would be correct, however, in a court of law all that is required is a reasonable doubt to find a person innocent, even if they are guilty.  What I am going to recommend is that we give the press concrete evidence of a vile man, such as Tom Pearson.”
“But Pearson is a minister of a renowned church and nobody has ever proven him vile and nobody has ever even suggested that he was,” Senator Southards stated. Senator Jones held up his hand and stilled the murmuring.  “That is not entirely true.  At least, it will be true in a few days.  I am not at liberty at the moment to tell you what is going to be revealed but it will shake the very foundation of the Christian community.  When we are done exposing this man’s sins, there will be great dissention and desertion not only of this man’s church but the entire so-called Christian population in the United States.  It will cause all of these disgruntled people to favor,” he paused and then said, “Our Lord Satan,” softly and stammered a moment and then continued boldly, “and the Democrat ticket, irregardless of who our candidate is.
There are two things that we need to concentrate on and they are; One, destroy Tom Pearson and Two, get Calvin Olsen nominated and elected over the favored Democrat potential nominee, David Kersenbrock.  Kersenbrock will not be dictated to, even though he supports our platform.”
“Now wait a minute,” Senator Graham protested.  “What makes you think that all of us in this room want Olsen?”
“Because I have it from a reputable source that you will want him when if I push this button,”
Senator Jones proudly boasted as he held up a button that looked like a hospital call button.
Captain Slozz quivered in excitement when Jones revealed that button.  “This is going to be good,” he squeaked as he whispered.  “Watch this!”
“Go ahead and push the button.  I am not in the least concerned about what you think it will produce,” Senator Graham stated boldly as she leaned back in the folding chair.
“This is just like the old Toyota commercial.  You asked for it, you got it.”  Jones pushed the button and the door at the back of the conference room opened.  Heads turned and chairs squawked on the concrete floor as all of the people in the room turned to see the visitor that was coming into the room.
A man of about thirty years old and his daughter walked into the room.  The girl, age seven instantly began crying and hiding behind the father’s back.  “Don’t let her hurt me, Daddy.  Don’t let her hurt me.”
Senator Graham looked around the room at the only other woman that might be shocked with this little girl’s actions but all eyes were focused on her and the small girl. “No you don’t,” Senator Graham shouted!  “You are not going to smear me with this kind of phony scandal.”
“Please Daddy, please,” the girl pleaded louder.   “Don’t let Miss Graham close to me again.  I want to leave, Daddy.  Please, I want to leave now.”
Gasps or horror and disgust filled the room then Senator Jones waved his hand and the man and his daughter left the room.
“You see, we all have our little secrets,” Senator Jones began to explain.  “Whether real or imagined, we all have our little secrets that we do not want anybody to know about. Now do you understand Miss Graham?”
“You scum sucking maggot.” Senator Graham shouted as she stood to her feet.  “You know better than anybody that nothing has ever taken place like that.”
“Do I now?  If we were to poll everyone here right now, not counting myself, how do you think the poll would turn out?”
Captain Slozz was beside himself.  His laughter filled the rafters.  “Absolutely wonderful job, Deception.  Absolutely wonderful.”
The seven people still seated in the room looked terrified of what might come to light concerning the skeletons in their closet.  Each of them looked around the room but kept their attention mainly directed toward Senator Graham, shaking their heads and whispering to each other.
“Are there any more questions?” Senator Jones asked.  “If not, we will meet right here in two weeks at two in the afternoon.  Have a great day on the floor of the Senate.”
Senator Graham was the first to scramble out the door, slamming it behind her, her heels clicking loudly across the warehouse floor toward the stairway of the underground corridor.
“Tell me,” Senator Carl Lindsey began, “did she actually do something to that little girl?”
“Does it matter?” Senator Jones said as Captain Slozz mouthed the words.  They both had an obscene smile on their face as if they had done some great feat. “I guess not,” Senator Lindsey said, dropping his head and walking away.
“Don’t be so glum,” Jones boasted.  “Tom Pearson will experience some great tragedy of his own.  We can celebrate then.”
As each of the Senators left the room and made their way across the warehouse floor, they looked at each other in distrust and shock at what had become of one of the most trusted Democrat Senators just a few minutes ago.  Senator Graham was highly esteemed among the Democrats and even favored among the Republican and Tea Party members of Congress.  Now with this exposé, an awareness of the sins they all had tucked away in their private recesses became painfully real again.
Captain Hoshia ducked into a dark corner of the warehouse as the demons danced and sang joyously.  They had effectively gotten one obstacle in the Democrat Senate silenced and under subjection.
Captain Slozz looked around with great concern on his face.  “Something isn’t right.  I can feel the presence of a Holy Warrior.  Find him!  Find him now!”
Captain Hoshia moved discreetly into an empty fifty five gallon barrel and sat motionless.  He was counting on the arrogance of the dark warrior to overlook him, however, he was ready to take flight if necessary.  He was greatly outnumbered and not prepared to fight these odds.  Besides, he didn’t want them to know that he was privy to the day’s happenings.
“We find no Holy warrior,” a grotesque, fat demon hissed.  “Could it be that you are just too nervous about the enemy finding out about today?”
“You insolent minion,” Captain Slozz shouted as he grabbed him by the throat.  “Do you question me?”
“No sir,” he choked.  “I was just asking…”
Captain Slozz grabbed his throat with both of his large hands and squeezed with all of his might.  The impudent demon’s eyes bulged and yellow sulfur laden tears clung to the wart looking growths that covered his face.  The grip around his neck was so tight that he couldn’t even gasp for air.  All he could do was hang there, terrified to strike back or even squirm.  Submission was the best policy in these situations and he was submitting the best way that he could.
Releasing his grip, he dropped the fat runt of a warrior from the rafters to the floor.  “Never question me,” Captain Slozz shrieked as loud as he could. “That goes for everybody.”
During the commotion, Captain Hoshia quickly slipped out of the building and shot away to continue his rounds.  He had to get word back to General Moshe of this plan that was unfolding in D.C.  The enemy was always busy during elections and this election was no different except that for the first time a true man of God was running and possibly even favored to win.  He actually had the majority of the Republican Party and the Tea Party backing him even though he was not a Republican nor was he a Tea Party member.
Tom Pearson is the pastor of the Open Door Fellowship Church and he was the founder of the Coalition of Christian Ministries, seven years ago. He also founded the Conservative Christian Party, three years ago and it was drawing support from the Democrats, Republicans and the Tea Partiers.  His undaunted moral standard drew great interest but his honesty and integrity was without doubt making all other candidates look like Nixon, the Clintons and Obama.  To this point, his armor was impervious to the mudslinging press and other politicians.
“Captain Hoshia!  Captain Hoshia,” shouted a panting Holy Warrior as he streaked across the sky.  “Captain Rathmoth of the darkness has launched an attack against the Coalition of Christian Ministries.  He has brought about a change of leadership.”
Captain Hoshia stopped in mid air as the two Holy warriors talked.  “What happened?”
“Reverend Franklin of the Moral Movement Church has gotten an amendment passed that there is to be no prayer to be offered during any meeting.”
“What?  How could he possibly have done this?”
“Captain Rathmoth had demon Apathy working within the membership of the Moral Movement Church and the congregation through indifference decided that the Holy Word of God was not necessary to support their doctrinal standards and prayer didn’t seem to be very effective anyway.”
“I knew that Reverend Franklin and the Moral Movement Church were not strong in the Word or in faith but to sway so many of the Christians to follow his lead is troubling, to say the least.
See if you can persuade Reverend Franklin and his followers to leave the Coalition.  If he would start his own group, he will not be as effective against the leaders of the Saints.”
“Yes sir!” the Holy warrior said as he shot out of sight in a burst of light toward California. ……….
General Moshe and his entourage, watched closely as Commander Third Class Hodgemoss, Commander Second Class Nobat, Commander First Class Zuuf and General Druid left the Lake Hills City Hall.  They seemed to be in no hurry and they were all smiling, evidently with approval of whatever had been discussed in this meeting.  They gathered their personal body guards and headed for the sky singing, “They have taken our hundreds but we will destroy their thousands.  They have taken this world but we will steal it back.”  They laughed and taunted the few Holy warriors that were posted there regularly.  There were no threats of physical attack from the Commanders or their troops and the Holy warriors backed away a little to make sure that they didn’t appear aggressive in any manner.
“Look at the little cowards,” General Druid roared in laughter.  “Don’t you wish you could join with us?”  He laughed again and then sped quickly away toward Louisiana.
Commander Third Class Hodgemoss, Commander Second Class Nobat and Commander First Class Zuuf all laughed and scoffed at the Holy warriors and then headed out to North Carolina, Central Texas and South Central Texas.
Supreme Commander Goth rose up high in the sky with his guards and staff and carefully examined the area for any Holy Warriors beside the regular ones that seemed to him quite helpless and even worthless.  He barked his orders to his personal guards and staff and then shot northward toward Missouri.

The treachery of the enemies of God are so diabolically evil. Though this book may be a fictitious tale, it highlights the spiritual warfare that rages day in and day out in the invisible world that surrounds us.  

The Gathering

By Gail Prentice

Chapter One

  The Gathering is a fictional and very unique book that deals with the spiritual side of life.  For many years I have said that this life is far more spiritual than physical.  There is a war being waged in the universe right around us that we are completely oblivious to.  Satan himself and demons are waging a war for the dominance of earth and all of its occupants.

  Based in Washington D.C. (Probably the most corrupt city in the United States of America), war is under way for the domination and destruction of the United States.

The Gathering

By Gail Prentice

Evangelist and Speaker

Gail Prentice

​Author - Evangelist - Speaker