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Wolves: The Destroyer of the Church

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   With the arrival of what seems to be new doctrines, new teachings and new revelations from God and amazing signs and wonders, a person has to wonder what is Truth and what is error.  Wolves are coming into the Church from almost every angle, with a "word" from God/god.  New doctrines are surfacing, many of them doctrines of devils but how do you identify them?

   This book was in the making for more than five years.  Many hurdles were crossed and many wolves confronted.  Many battles were fought and some were lost.  Learn from the victories and failures of others as you discover how to identify the wolves who are dedicated to destroy your life and your Church.

Chapter One (Excerpt)

Identifying The Wolf

   In this book, we're going to look at wolves.  The most dangerous wolf of all stands on two legs.  We will compare these two-legged wolves with the more commonly known wolves that move on four legs.

   When we look at the wolves in the wilds of America,, we find wolves with four legs that hunt for the weak and sickly prey and often hunt in packs.  They often are subject of many a tall tale, folklore and a few real tales.  Nonetheless, they are a real threat to the domesticated livestock that farmers and ranchers raise to support their way of life on ranches and farms.

   But what if a wolf had two legs?  What makes them different than those that have four?  Where do you find them?  Other than the fact that they only have two legs, how do you identify them?

   These questions are very pertinent and require an answer.  In this book, we will address each one in a very specific way, so there will be no doubt when you are confronted by one or you see their work, you can identify and deal with them.

   Let's start with the first question.  What is a wolf with two legs?  This vicious creature is a human being.  They are not raised in the wild, like Tarzan was raised by the apes in the jungle.  These wolves are dressed just like everybody else, especially those of the Church.  They walk like people of the Church, they eat with the people of the Church and they go to the same places as the people of the Church.  This particular critter is much tougher to identify than the four-legged style.

   This wolf is usually unidentifiable to the majority of Churches until it attacks and begins to scatter the flock, destroying the weak and sick.  Just like the four-legged wolf, the weak and sick are their primary prey.  This wolf has purposed in their heart to destroy all that is good within God's flock, making a mockery and an embarrassing shambles of the Church (the Body of Christ).  By attacking the weal and sickly (the new Christian and the willfully immature Christians, the wolf can draw many to his side for destruction at a later time.

   Many of these weak and sickly are people who have been saved for years but have never grown spiritually.  They have served as deacons, elders, Sunday School teachers, youth leaders, pastors, etc.  Many have just been faithful 'bench warmers'.

   "For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock."  Acts 20:29.  This leaves no room for question, doubt or misunderstanding.  Paul spoke very plainly that savage wolves come, not to spare the flock but to consume and destroy.

   Many people fail to realize that wolves ARE NOT immature Christians, nor are they misguided Christians.  New Christians and immature Christians ARE NOT wolves, but these two areas may be the point or moment of conception.

   Immature Christians make mistakes, they even stumble and fall but they are still Christians.  Likewise, misguided Christians make mistakes and stumble and fall.  Many of these blunders and stumbles are at the hand of another misguided Christian or possibly a wolf but as long as the name they name of Jesus as Lord and make every attempt to live that way in public and private, they are only misguided and or immature Christians.

   This book is primarily directed to Church leadership, whether, Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor or Teacher.  It is vitally important to these specific ministries to know for certain who they allow into their Church, Assembly or Classroom as a speaker.  Not all that call themselves ministers of God are truly what they say they are.  Below is an excerpt that will give you a sample of what this book addresses.

Wolves: The Destroyer of the Church